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Video-supported Green Light Extension for Heavy Traffic
Dienstag, 3. Februar 2009 
On Saturday the 20th of December 2008, the new 25 million Euro train underpass at “Unionstraße” in Lippstadt, which took more than 4 years of construction through the planning help of the PVT Essen GmbH, was completed on time with a highly celebrated opening.

This photo shows the ribbon-cutting by the city’s mayor Christof Sommer, surrounded by a number of guests.

The underpass addition is the most expensive building project the city of Lippstadt has ever undertaken.

The building measurements are in line with a decades old demand removing the standardized heights of train overpasses in the city. These improvements should not only lead to an increase in traffic safety within the city center, but shall also improve the frustrating slow downs in front of the grade crossing gates. After the train overpass at Alpenstaße, also built under the planning support of PVT Essen GmbH, went into the service, this new opening at Unionstraße takes the second step in the realization of the project.

The new train overpass at Unionstraße in Lippstadt.

In connection with this newly created route section two already existing light signal systems (1) and (2) as well as two newly installed light signal systems (3) and (4) have been coordinated with one another.


The following overview shows the four bordering light signal systems: Rixbecker Straße / Steinstraße – Weißenburger Straße (1), Rixbecker  Straße / Unionstraße -  Oststraße (2), Unionstraße / Konrad-Adenauer-Ring (3) and Konrad-Adenauer-Ring / Südertorcarree (4).

Overview with four bordering light signal systems

The complete traffic-dependent control of the four light signal systems and the connected unbroken recording of the traffic flow are being done through video cameras installed upon poles at the intersections.

During the development of various traffic scenarios, including among others, morning high point traffic as well as evening high point traffic, seven different programs were set up for the four light signal systems. A traffic-dependent individual control program as well as a traffic-dependent coordination program has been set up as well as 5 set time programs if need be.


The unique feature at the train underpass for Unionstraße is the two additional video cameras (see the following overview) set up in front of and behind the underpass and are able to identify in advance whether or not semi-trucks are advancing.  If such a vehicle is noticed (detected), the passing time in the corresponding lane will be extended in order to allow the advancing vehicle the opportunity to pass through the intersection. Heavier traffic has a higher priority, however, than the slower accelerating vehicles that are also heading to the light signal systems.

Cutout of the site plan containing the two additional video cameras.


As a result of this specialized planning PVT has avoided the build up of unnecessary stop times, thereby reducing noise and emissions buildup.

More information can be found at info@pvt.gmbh.de or by phone at 0201 / 319 14 20 (Mr. Nolden or Mr. Grunwald).


A complete report of the opening can be found at: http://www.lippstadt.de/topthemen/117260100000023105.php

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