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Traffic Signaling Concept: South-Detour (Südumgehung) Gevelsberg - Engelberttunnel
Freitag, 5. Dezember 2008 
Traffic Signaling Concept: South-Detour (Südumgehung) Gevelsberg - Engelberttunnel

In connection with the construction of the Engelbertunnels in Gevelberg, PVT Essen GmbH implemented, simultaneously, a traffic signal system on the new detour route.

Seven signal systems, in coordination with one another each with an individualized control mold themselves to the various traffic volumes of the city.

Verteilung der Hauptverkehrsströme (PDF) / (Division of various main traffic flows)

In coordination with the three settings harmonized for normal traffic flow, there are three additional settings allocated for use during occasional tunnel closures or the Gevelsberger fair. Additionally, the light signal system provides for an immediate response to potential traffic accidents inside the tunnel, allowing for, when necessary, a quick clearing of the tunnel.

The selection of the traffic-dependent setting is controlled via a coordination and control device within the tunnel, which swaps messages with the tunnel control center. Reports detailing traffic back-ups to the various strategy-detectors choose the most fitting setting area of the city where response is needed.  The light signal systems will be synchronized with one another in most normal cases as new detour routs are planned.

If the tunnel is completely closed off a coordination of the remaining light signal systems will take place in the course of re-routing traffic.

In addition to examining vehicle traffic, a further central focus of the project is comfortable access to pedestrian pathways in relation to the centrally located shopping district.

The modification of the signal systems will, to some extent, take place as determined by the further use of preexisting survey devices as well as through consideration of additional construction plans in the district of Gevelsberger.

Each access point will receive the most sound and economical survey method.
A “mixed system” has been yielded, consisting of induction loops, video cameras, and infrared detectors, all of which add to the overall management of the signal system and the metering reports which aide coordination and control devices.

The further addition of a signal system for the seeing impaired (Company rtb, 40V-LED-Signal Transmitter, Actros-Control Devices from the Company Signalbau Huber) has shown the current state of the technology.

More information can be found at info@pvtgmbh.de or via telephone at (49)(0) 201/3191420 (Mr. Nolden or Mr. Grunwald)

Source: Pressebericht "Der Westen" (PDF)

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