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Print Up for the ADAC "Golden Angel" Award
Freitag, 5. Dezember 2008 

“Innovation and Environment 2008”

The Jury:

Outstanding accomplishments in the areas of traffic safety, environmental protection and automobile construction are awarded with the prize for “Innovation and Environment.” The Jury is made up of the executive committee of the ADAC and the presidents of the VDA, VDIK, and ZDK.

The Winners:
1. 90-kW-1.4-I-TSI Motor with Seven-Speed Dual-clutch Transmissions in Transaxle Design DSG (VW)
2. eCall (European Commission)
3. Co2 sensor for air-conditioning (BOSCH)

Runners Up 2008:

Green Wave with a multi-sensitive real-time control. (PVT)
This innovation will make green wave technology better in the future – it’s a win for both drivers and the environment. The system was tested by PVT Essen GmbH and Signalbau Huber in Pfaffenhofen (Bavaria). Installed on a highway with varying flows of traffic this new video technology MUSS (Multi-sensitive real-time control) far outperformed conventional inductions loop. As a result, driver wait times and vehicle emissions have decreased noticeably.  With this success, the system will soon be implemented in other cities.

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