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PVT Essen GmbH Represented at Intertraffic 2008
Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2008 

PVT Essen GmbH at the Intertraffic Amsterdam 2008

At the world’s larges convention for street traffic engineering, PVT Essen GmbH was represented for the first time with their own booth  in convention hall 3. Along with 700 other representatives from 38 countries, PVT Essen GmbH presented their newest strategic systems and products.

PVT Essen Gmbh’s Convention booth in Hall 3

Foremost on display was the innovative strategic system “MUSS® - multisensitive real-time control system.” This trendsetting solution to varying levels of traffic flow at traffic-dependent “green wave” set ups, is activated through spontaneous, unpredictable overflow traffic and was distinguished by the ADAC (See News – Headline for ADAC Prize) in connection with the awarding of the “Yellow Angel” in the area of Environment and Innovation, and has mustered a noticeable rise in interest from many colleagues in the field as well as from various traffic departments in a variety of cities, and diverse offices and authorities. In an impressive Simulation we were able to show visitors in detail the astonishing effectively of MUSS®.

(Left to Right) Micheal Lobendank, Peter Nolden, and Hermann Steichert shortly before the opening of the convention

In addition our products: “KUS Co-ordination and control facility as well as BUS operation and fault notification system” brought in a lot of interest from our visitors.

It was a truly international event, whereby PVT Essen GmbH had the opportunity to greet visitors from almost every EU State as well as even visitors from countries as far away as Kazakhstan.

Peter Nolden and Hermann Steichert in a detailed discussion with visitors

The reaction we received from the visitors at our booth as well as those additional interested inquires from many cities, communities, and traffic authorities clearly show that our innovative developments, especially that of the MUSS®, offer future oriented innovations in street traffic technology, which address real problems and simultaneously pay attention to environmental questions as well as issues of financing.

This realization has strengthened our determination to continue developing our systems for the future.

PVT Essen GmbH is already excited about the opportunity to present at the coming Intertraffic in Amsterdam in 2010.

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