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PVT Planungsbüro für Verkehrstechnik Essen GmbH
Engineering and Expertise Office of the PVT Planungsbüro for Traffic Technologies Essen GmbH
In April of 2006, Peter Jacobi (Dipl. Engineer) was able to successfully finish all the necessary training and related exams allowing him to be formally active as an expertly licensed engineer.
The IHK of Siegen conducted the exams publicly licensing Mr. Jacobi in the sector of orders and booking, dealing with "traffic technology (light signal systems)."
Throughout his years of hard work, Mr. Jacobi has accumulated essential experience in the sector of electro-technology and process engineering. His professional competence and ability in the surveillance and analysis of complex control system activity and their safety and technical basics can be demonstrated in a variety of his projects. He has established himself as well within business organization during his time as department and business head.
We have, since our inception, been responsible for the appraisal of traffic technology set ups and their certification and implementation, which have been executed to the fullest expectations of our customers. Furthermore, we have worked in contract for various institutions and planning offices in the appraisal of software applications from the field of control system technology and the creation of traffic-technology related professions.
As an office specializing in engineering, we are able to execute the necessary technical safety certifications for traffic technological facilities in both street and rail. This includes the approval or appraisal and the certification of those technological set ups in association with the necessary requirements, guidelines and contractual agreement specifications, this especially applies to:
  • VOB / VOL in valid implementation
  • DIN / VDE 0100 ff
  • DIN / VDE 0832
  • RILSA 92
  • Contract Documentation
A quick over view of the various work we provide is listed below:
  • Traffic technology certification of light signal systems in line with required traffic technology guidelines in the planning of traffic flow.
  • Technical certification of light signal systems in line with the required guidelines outlined in DIN/VDE 0100
  • Technical certification of light signal systems in line with the required guidelines outlined in DIN/VDE 0832
  • Technical certification of light signal systems in line with the required guidelines outlined in VOB/VOL
  • Technische Abnahme von Lichtzeichenanlagen entsprechend den Vorgaben der VOB / VOL
  • Certification of light signal systems in line with the required guidelines outlined in RILSA
  • Certification of the safe, technological set up of signal systems for street and rail.
Additionally, the following inspections are individually carried out:
  • Type of Control Device (Nameplate, Documentation)
  • CE-Compliance
  • Technical Characteristics of a Device, 2 Channel Capability CPU
  • Signal Safety Details
  • Red Light Failure Assessment, Yellow Light Failure Assessment
  • Interlocking Assessment
  • Partial Node Setting
  • Specification Set Ups for the IV, öPNV, Video
  • Conduct during Power Failure (Buffering)
  • Interim Supervision, Minimum Time
  • Start up / Shut down Photos
  • Central Connection with Function Control
  • Protection of Control and Exterior Devices
  • EMV - Provision
  • Flash Protection Set up and Network Decoupling
  • Avoidance of Grounding and Network Lagging
  • Technical Documentation and Descriptions
  • Traffic-technological Documentation and Descriptions
  • Device Assembly and Inscription
  • Service Guidance and Maintenance Book
  • Notifications and Service, Hand-Operating Service
  • Completion of Settings Casing
  • Completion of Electronic Protection Measures, Grounding, Electric Current Failure and Disruption Protection
  • Assembly of Exterior System, Mast and Signal Alignment
  • Signal Transmitter Illumination
  • Specific Requests in Service Specifications
  • Completion of Planned Inspection Arrangement of Voltage Maintenance (Bü - System)
  • Conduct by Signal Disruption (Bü - System, SVA)
  • Completion of a Available Casing Enclosure
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