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PVT Planungsbüro für Verkehrstechnik Essen GmbH
PVT Planungsbüro für Verkehrstechnik Essen (PVT Office for Strategic Traffic Technologies) GmbH was founded by Dipl. Engeneer Uwe Klar and Dipl. Engenieer Peter Nolden and has it main office in Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Other offices and support points can be found in Leipzig (Saxony), Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg), Siegen (North Rhine-Westphalia), Bad Aibling (Bavaria) and Palingen / near Lübeck (Schleswig-Holstein).
Our Business Activities consist of the following:
  • Traffic Vehichle Census (Verkehrserhebung)
  • Traffic Analysis (Verkehrsuntersuchung)
  • Dynamic Traffic Managment (Dynamisches Verkehrsmanagement)
  • Traffic and Electronic Related Advisement (Verkehrs- und elektrotechnische Gutachten)
  • Technical Traffic Design and Strategic Planning (Verkehrstechnische Planungen)
  • ÖPNV Accelerations Systems (ÖPNV Beschleunigungssysteme)
  • Adaptive Network Contorls (Adaptive Netzsteuerungen)
  • Video detection and Service Estimations
  • Construction Supervision and Oversight
Through the many years of our service, a variety of traffic and safety technological systems have been conceptualized, planned, designed, and implemented.
1900 Light Siganal Systems (LSS) in 120 Cities,
Of those 1900:
850 LSS with ÖPNV - acceleration systems
600 LSS with a connection to a "traffic computer"
350 LSS with a connection to a KUS
  25 LSS with a connection to a BUS
  20 LSS as BÜSTRA Systems
  75 LSS with a Program for clearing Traffic Build Up
280 LSS with Video Technologies
We offer our customers a line of innovative products and traffic-technological Control systems, such as:
  • MUSS®
  • BUS
  • KUS and
We are also founding members of the VIV (Association of Traffic Engineers / Verbandes der Verkehrsingenieure). Our work materials include, among other things: LISA +, P2, CROSSIG, Vissim and AutoCad.
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