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The continuously growing emergence of an over-proportioned number of vehicles in cities and smaller communities is altering the demands, in a not so unpredictable manner, for quality and affectivity in safe, future-oriented traffic-technical strategic planning, so that a variety of instances show discontent with the results in conventional traffic-dependent coordi- nation of a "green waves."
The main reasons for this discontent lay in the fact that these conventional systems are not programmable in a time specific manner regulating various flows of traffic through a normal day, which is exasperated through detour traffic and / or higher levels of traffic flow, which can be cause by the presence of shopping centers or other necessary services.
As a result of a continuously increasing number of traffic backups, both a clearly defined main direction flow and a traffic-homogeneity along that main flow are lacking.
A conventional solution for known traffic related problems is no longer possible with currently available traffic-control technology.
Thus, we at PVT Office for Strategic Traffic Technologies in Essen GmbH, have developed the control system MUSS ® - multisensitive real-time control. This system is a trendsetting development in the field of traffic safety and mobility and is also a price effective solution, which can display its full potential to drives and pedestrians for a minimal financial investment.
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